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About Advanced Orthopedic Systems

Our Edmonton clinic has served the community by providing custom foot orthotic solutions, with honesty and integrity, for over 30 years. Unlike other venues, being an Edmonton-based foot orthotics provider is not a sideline for us - as a manufacturer, it's everything we do.


Your transferable, custom foot orthotics, also known as arch supports, are designed and built to fit your own footwear, and to manage all common foot disorders.  Your orthotics will provide greater walking comfort or sports-specific enhancement.


The fitting procedure includes your biomechanical gait assessment followed by precision measurement by our dual-certified practitioner, using our state-of-the-art CAD/CAM equipment. After your fitting, your custom foot orthotics are built just for you in our on-site lab, and are ready to wear in about one hour. 




Take advantage of our experience and notable record of successes.

We're extremely proud of our patient testimonials, and welcome you to read through the hundreds of hand-written notes that adorn the walls of our office. We've picked a handful to share with you below:


"Within days of being provided with custom inserts, i was amazed my foot pain diminished until it disappeared"

"I was recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and had to get orthotics. My rheumatologist reccommended this place above all others. I was shocked at how quickly they could be made. I've put them through the ringer and they've done great reducing the impact and pain on my joints"

"I have been using the supports for some 20 years, they have been excellent"


"Like night and day! Much better than podiatrist prescribed foot inserts - thank you!"


"The pain is gone, life is great!"


"EVEREST '99 - Thanks for your support"


"Your orthotics did wonders to cure my plantar fasciitis and knee pain"


"I am no longer in pain when I walk, in fact, it is now a pleasure to do so!"


"Thank you for fitting me with orthotics for my hiking boots, enabling me to hike in comfort while summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,340ft!)"


"A marathon, 5 half marathons, 8 triathalons- over 10,000km on one pair of orthotics!"


"I am so impresssed by your professional service and approach, since getting orthotics, my lower back pain is gone, and I have run a marathon!"


"Your orthotics that you made me were the best gift I could ever have given myself!"





Our practitioners maintain a very unique Board Certification status in professional disciplines of Pedorthics (C.Ped), and Prosthetics (C.P.), and was the first to introduce precision computing machining of foot orthoses to Edmonton in 1992.


Our experienced specialists are adept at the evaluation of biomechanics, footwear, and determining the functional requirements that indicate the most effective intervention, by using a variety of materials. This combination of clinical expertise, continuity of complete in-house treatment at our facility, state of the art equipment, and honest experience, all add up to satisfy his patients' needs promptly and effectively.






Accredited vendor for most insurance companies.
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Edmonton, AB T5G 0E1

For appointments outside of regular hours please call to see if we can accomondate your needs.

Office Hours:

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